You’ve Been Caked! For Your Kindness August 15, 2012 Diamond Children’s Child Life Specialists

Our August recipients of the “You’ve Been Caked! For Your Kindness” are the child life specialists at the Diamond Children’s Medical Center at the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ.  The ladies on this team take care of and comfort critically ill children that are hospitalized in their facility.  But what we have noticed over the past 6 months that we have worked with these ladies (we provide birthday cakes for the chronically ill children) is that they go above and beyond their assigned duties.  Their care of these children continues outside of the hospital.  They will drive on their own time and dime to pick up a cake for a child, organize and order that special cake for that little one, and are always calming and uplifting to the children and their families.  We wanted to thank them for all that they do for our community!  Congratulations ladies!

Thank you to our wonderful baker Tamara who made the cupcakes and delivered them!  YOU ROCK!  Tamara shares her story below.

“Today I was lucky enough to make a dozen cupcakes for our CFC “You’ve Been Caked For Your Kindness”. The recipients were none other than the Child Life Specialists at the Diamond Children’s Center. I had arranged with Heather to drop off the cupcakes and certificate to them and when I told her we appreciate all they do for the children and their families she was overwhelmed. She said if anything, we, CFC, were the ones that deserved a reward. I told her that our reward is in our work.  She went on to say how the cakes the CFC Diamond team makes for the children bring joy and happiness to them and the families and that they appreciate it so much. When I arrived on Wednesday to deliver the cupcakes Heather’s shift for the day had been changed to the evening shift so Lauren (another Child Life Specialist) came and received the certificate and cupcakes. She too was surprised, overwhelmed, and VERY thankful. So ladies we did it again! CFC has brightened the lives of others through cake!”  — Tamara