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7 hours ago

Cakes For Causes

Last night (11/11/19) was the monthly meeting of Tucson Tri-Girls and they asked for a donation of sweet treats. These folks run, swim, and bike routinely so they need some "Sugar Power" 😁.

They requested our Miss Rene's Peanut Butter Swirl brownies so she made 2 dozen of those. Our Miss Isela made 1 1/2 dozen Gluten Free Vegan mini Bundt cakes for all to enjoy.

#42SugarHugsShared #SUGARPOWER #BuildingASweeterCommunity #brownies #glutenfree #Bundtcakes #AreYouReadingTheseHashtags #CuzWereTypingThem #AreWeThereYet #ApparentlyOneofUsHasBeenEatingALOTofSugar #WellStopNow 😁

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