Rene’ Luedeman

Rene’ Luedeman is a native of Arizona, born and raised in Phoenix. She received both her Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and her Master’s in Food Science at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Upon completion of her master’s work, she was employed by the university as a research laboratory manager in the neuroscience field where she spent 18 years studying the nervous systems of insects. Her hobby during this time included baking and cake decorating, and in 2000 she became a Wilton method instructor at her local arts and crafts store. A few years later she accepted an Adjunct Faculty position in the Culinary Department at Pima Community College where she taught both the beginning and advanced cake decorating courses. When her boss at the research lab moved his laboratory to Ireland, Rene’ left the university and agreed to teach additional courses at the community college including Food Sanitation and Safety, and various baking courses including one focused on gluten-free baking. She switched from a lab coat to a chef’s coat!

In 2011 she was diagnosed with a balance disorder, which removed her from the traditional classroom, but she continues to teach an online course in food safety. At this time she also opened her own residential bakery under Arizona’s 2011 Cottage Food Law. She loves baking, especially since it is a science in which one can eat their experiments! Her passion is outreach work and she enjoys every project that Cakes for Causes is involved in. When she’s not baking or working with Cakes for Causes, she is playing with her two rescued Basset Hounds and 3 rescued cats.