Belle’s Birthday Diamond Children’s Center 7-14-12

Today was a very special day for me.  It was my turn on the Diamond Team rotation to make a special birthday cake for a hospitalized little one.  I am always excited when it is my turn!  And I know this is also the case with the other 4 women on our team.  Diamond contacted us early in the week requesting a birthday day cake for Belle whose birthday was on Saturday (7/14/12).  Belle requested a funfetti cake with a pink unicorn theme.  I also learned that Belle likes raspberries so I chose to use that as the filling.

I was then contacted again by the Diamond Center because Belle received good news that she was being released from the hospital at the end of the week so I was to speak to her mom directly for the cake exchange.

Fast forward to this morning.  I was expecting Belle’s mom to pick up the cake and much to my surprise here came Belle, her mom, her sister, and her dad!  I learned that Belle had a brain tumor removed in early July, a rare form of cancer, and faces further treatment.  She arrived with a beautiful smile on her face, told me that she wanted to learn how to cake decorate, asked me how I made the unicorn, and then wanted a picture with me with her and her cake.  I also learned from her dad that Belle wants to start a foundation for others like her who are diagnosed with this rare form of brain cancer.  Belle, at 9 years old, is such an inspiration!  What a gem!  Belle, it was so special to meet you and your wonderful family and an honor to make your birthday cake!  Happy Birthday!  — Rene’