A Sweet Lady Who Shared Her Cake Pans 7-25-13

All of us here at CfC, send our heart felt ‘thanks’ to Carole of Sonoita, AZ.  Carole made a generous in-kind donation of her cake pans to help us with our mission.  Carole told our volunteers, Rene’ and Terrill, when they made the 1 hour drive to pick up the cake pans, the most interesting story or what we like to call the ‘CfC way’ as it always works out and is meant to be.

Carole is downsizing her house stuff and no longer bakes and decorates cakes.  She turned her TV on so that her dogs had some entertainment while she was out in her shed working on downsizing.  While she was out there she came across her two big boxes of cake pans and was wondering what she was going to do with them as she knew these were specialty items that most people at a yard sale would not appreciate.  It was a warm day so she made her way into her house to get a drink of water and just as she walked in, our Cakes for Causes ladies were on the Morning Blend TV show demonstrating the Hidden American Flag cake.  Carole stopped, stunned, and then listened to the segment as she had never heard of us!  It was at that moment she knew what she was going to do with her cake pans as she had been given a ‘God Wink’, as she said, because the timing was too perfect.  She contacted us immediately after the show telling us she wanted to donate her pans so they could help do good in the community!

We now have two giant boxes of cake pans that we can use to further our mission in the community.  Thank you Carole for your big heart and for your support!  It is so very much appreciated!  Our bakers are so very excited!!  You are the best!  It was a pleasure meeting you!

carole's cake pans carole and rene pans

Cake Pans







Carole (R) and Rene’ (L) in front of the wishing well.  Thank you again Carole!