Janet (Cyclovia)

Dear Jeanne, and all the Cakes for Causes volunteers,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing Cakes for Causes to Cyclovia! The brownies were beautiful to look at, delicious, and carried the meaning of the event so eloquently: we all fit together.

You made so many people happy!

We heard back via our info booth survey and our Facebook page how much people loved the brownies.

Thank you for the Joy.

As you know, it was HOT that day, but in spite of the heat, over 15,000 people came out to enjoy car-free streets. The amazing thing is that they stayed out despite the heat.

I believe this is because of the contributions of people like you.

I’m sure people felt like going home but couldn’t resist going just a few more blocks to see what the next surprise would be.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the magic and for being part of the adventure.

Much appreciation.

It was an honor to have you be part of it all.