Ellen Jimenez

I am writing on behalf of the Tucson Metro Chamber Military Affairs Committee to recognize Cakes for Causes.The Military Affairs Committee is a not for profit organization which offers local community support to our serving military. We look for avenues to give back to our military who give so much for us. One of those ways is through a program we’ve started called Operation Otter Pop. Through donations of cookies, otter pops, water, etc we can personally thank our military for their service to not just our country but our community.

Cakes for Causes really exceeded all imagination when we made contact with them for help on a special Operation Otter Pop. We were given an opportunity to greet approximately 500 airmen during an exercise they were having on base. When we shared with Cakes for Causes of the project we were embarking on, they jumped to the opportunity. We had asked for 500 cookies and were amazed when they were able to bake 1,380. The organizational integrity of Cakes for Causes is evident in the way they communicate, act and exceed expectations. I am very grateful for what they have and hopefully will continue to contribute for our worthy cause. I cannot imagine how we could have come up with enough cookies to give out during this exercise.