Allergy Waiver Form

Allergy Waiver Form

  • Statement of Risks & Liability - FOOD ALLERGY

    This is a statement in which you are informed of a specific risk associated with food allergies.

    The statement is clear that when you use and/or consume products provided by Cakes for Causes, you are doing so at your own risk. It is important that you read the below statement before signing (or by a parent/guardian if you are a minor).


    Cakes for Causes will make reasonable accommodations to offer allergy-friendly products however our baking and teaching environments are not allergen-free and cross contamination may occur. When notified of the need to produce or use an allergen-free product or products, Cakes for Causes will attempt to take extra precaution to not cross contaminate however cross contamination may, once again, occur. We wish to advise you that because of the methods in which foods are produced, we cannot guarantee that traces of allergens are not present in the products that you are served. This may include but is not limited to nuts, gluten, eggs, dairy, etc. Clearly, if this presents medical issues for yourself, then you need to be aware and make an informed decision.

    *Exclusion of Liability*

    Cakes for Causes cannot accept responsibility for any death, injury, or other loss suffered or caused by the products provided by Cakes for Causes.

    You understand that you are doing so at entirely your own risk and will not hold Cakes for Causes responsible.

    By providing your name and email address below, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the above statements and exclude Cakes for Causes from any liability.

  • If you're filling this out as the guardian, please list the child's/children's names that this applies to.