Planetary Science Institute’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, 3/4/13

“PSI, @[187386817969260:274:Planetary Science Institute], had a ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication of its newly rennovated conference center and we provided a celebration cake for their event. One of our newer CfC members just happens to be getting her PhD in Astronomy so it all worked out as it always does at CfC :-).

Some feedback from the offsite PSI staff:
“Sorry we couldn’t be there to celebrate with you and dig into the solar system cake!”
“Very nice cake – was there ice cream (or maybe snow cones) in the Oort cloud?”
“The cake seems to be missing dwarf planets (perhaps eaten?)…””

From Planetary Science Institute’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 3 4 13. Posted by Cakes For Causes on 3/05/2013 (3 items)

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