HandiDogs Dogtober Fest 10-28-12

“Handidogs Dogtober Fest 10-28-12. Handidogs, service dog organization, held a fundraiser called ‘Dogtober Fest’ and we were there with both human cupcakes and freshly baked dog treats. Thank you to our Miss @[1671130412:2048:Jeanne] who was our lead on this. Thank you to our bakers, Jeanne, Candy (@[100000446937231:2048:Candyce]), @[1674173162:2048:Jessica], and Rene’. Thank you to our baker’s assistants, @[504085838:2048:Carrie], @[1646565897:2048:Tanya], and @[741737338:2048:Mia]. Thank you to our booth ‘workers’, Jeanne, Mia, Carrie, and @[1091645193:2048:Terrill]. And thank you to all of the wonderful people that we met!”

From HandiDogs Dogtober Fest 10-28-12. Posted by Cakes For Causes on 10/28/2012 (38 items)

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