Cyclovia Tucson, April 28, 2013

“We provided brownies shaped like puzzle pieces to the participants of @[289907478444:274:Cyclovia Tucson] to promote sense of community and sharing. The theme was to meet a new person on the journey, most folks rode bikes, so our puzzle and brownie sharing was the way we wanted to promote their theme. Sharing is Sweet! @[1674173162:2048:Jessica], @[1671130412:2048:Jeanne], @[1664340431:2048:Rita], and Jess (@[100002973668126:2048:Missez Sweetness]) baked over 1,700 brownie puzzle pieces! Jeanne, @[1091645193:2048:Terrill], @[10115966:2048:Isela], @[100000549493870:2048:Chris], @[639446827:2048:Alicia], Rita, and @[1458997155:2048:Charlyn] spent the day serving the folks along the route. 4/28/2013”

From Cyclovia Tucson 4/28/2013. Posted by Cakes For Causes on 4/29/2013 (32 items)

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