A Sweet Lady Who Shared Her Cake Pans 7-25-13

All of us here at CfC, send our heart felt ‘thanks’ to Carole of Sonoita, AZ.  Carole made a generous in-kind donation of her cake pans to help us with our mission.  Carole told our volunteers, Rene’ and Terrill, when they made the 1 hour drive to pick up the cake pans, the most interesting story or what we like to call the ‘CfC way’ as it always works out and is meant to be.

Carole is downsizing her house stuff and no longer bakes and decorates cakes.  She turned her TV on so that her dogs had some entertainment while she was out in her shed working on downsizing.  While she was out there she came across her two big boxes of cake pans and was wondering what she was going to do with them as she knew these were specialty items that most people at a yard sale would not appreciate.  It was a warm day so she made her way into her house to get a drink of water and just as she walked in, our Cakes for Causes ladies were on the Morning Blend TV show demonstrating the Hidden American Flag cake.  Carole stopped, stunned, and then listened to the segment as she had never heard of us!  It was at that moment she knew what she was going to do with her cake pans as she had been given a ‘God Wink’, as she said, because the timing was too perfect.  She contacted us immediately after the show telling us she wanted to donate her pans so they could help do good in the community!

We now have two giant boxes of cake pans that we can use to further our mission in the community.  Thank you Carole for your big heart and for your support!  It is so very much appreciated!  Our bakers are so very excited!!  You are the best!  It was a pleasure meeting you!

carole's cake pans carole and rene pans

Cake Pans







Carole (R) and Rene’ (L) in front of the wishing well.  Thank you again Carole!
























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A Young Man, Cupcakes, and Asking a Young Lady to the Prom

This is Matt (young man in the middle of the first picture). Matt’s girlfriend’s favorite flower is the sunflower. Matt watched our sunflower cupcake making video 3-4 times and then made his girlfriend cupcakes to ask her to the prom (he piped the words ‘Prom, ?, and a heart shape on top of the cupcakes to ask her!). To make it even more sweet, Matt is a competitive high school swimmer, who sometimes trains with Matt Grevers (6 time Olympic Medalist–far right in first picture), and Matt G. helped Matt present the cupcakes to his girlfriend!!!! She said YES and they are going to the prom!!  This is so heart warming to see what sugar art outreach and teaching can lead to!! Food is love, people! Yeas for Matt and his lady!!  Have fun you two!!

matt l sunflowers




matt sun cups 1











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You’ve Been Caked! For Your Kindness August 15, 2012 Diamond Children’s Child Life Specialists

Our August recipients of the “You’ve Been Caked! For Your Kindness” are the child life specialists at the Diamond Children’s Medical Center at the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ.  The ladies on this team take care of and comfort critically ill children that are hospitalized in their facility.  But what we have noticed over the past 6 months that we have worked with these ladies (we provide birthday cakes for the chronically ill children) is that they go above and beyond their assigned duties.  Their care of these children continues outside of the hospital.  They will drive on their own time and dime to pick up a cake for a child, organize and order that special cake for that little one, and are always calming and uplifting to the children and their families.  We wanted to thank them for all that they do for our community!  Congratulations ladies!

Thank you to our wonderful baker Tamara who made the cupcakes and delivered them!  YOU ROCK!  Tamara shares her story below.

“Today I was lucky enough to make a dozen cupcakes for our CFC “You’ve Been Caked For Your Kindness”. The recipients were none other than the Child Life Specialists at the Diamond Children’s Center. I had arranged with Heather to drop off the cupcakes and certificate to them and when I told her we appreciate all they do for the children and their families she was overwhelmed. She said if anything, we, CFC, were the ones that deserved a reward. I told her that our reward is in our work.  She went on to say how the cakes the CFC Diamond team makes for the children bring joy and happiness to them and the families and that they appreciate it so much. When I arrived on Wednesday to deliver the cupcakes Heather’s shift for the day had been changed to the evening shift so Lauren (another Child Life Specialist) came and received the certificate and cupcakes. She too was surprised, overwhelmed, and VERY thankful. So ladies we did it again! CFC has brightened the lives of others through cake!”  — Tamara




















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Belle’s Birthday Diamond Children’s Center 7-14-12

Today was a very special day for me.  It was my turn on the Diamond Team rotation to make a special birthday cake for a hospitalized little one.  I am always excited when it is my turn!  And I know this is also the case with the other 4 women on our team.  Diamond contacted us early in the week requesting a birthday day cake for Belle whose birthday was on Saturday (7/14/12).  Belle requested a funfetti cake with a pink unicorn theme.  I also learned that Belle likes raspberries so I chose to use that as the filling.

I was then contacted again by the Diamond Center because Belle received good news that she was being released from the hospital at the end of the week so I was to speak to her mom directly for the cake exchange.

Fast forward to this morning.  I was expecting Belle’s mom to pick up the cake and much to my surprise here came Belle, her mom, her sister, and her dad!  I learned that Belle had a brain tumor removed in early July, a rare form of cancer, and faces further treatment.  She arrived with a beautiful smile on her face, told me that she wanted to learn how to cake decorate, asked me how I made the unicorn, and then wanted a picture with me with her and her cake.  I also learned from her dad that Belle wants to start a foundation for others like her who are diagnosed with this rare form of brain cancer.  Belle, at 9 years old, is such an inspiration!  What a gem!  Belle, it was so special to meet you and your wonderful family and an honor to make your birthday cake!  Happy Birthday!  — Rene’
















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Chefs Schedule at Home Show-Tucson Convention Center 7/13; 7/14; and 7/15/12

We will be featured on Saturday from 3-4 pm in the Chef Series. Please come to the main stage and watch a cake decorating demo by our own Liz! The Chef Series hosted by our Chef Barry Infuso will run both Friday and Saturday. I’ve posted the line up below. Thank you!  We will also have our own booth (1023) so please stop by and say ‘Hello’!  We’d love to see you!

Friday @ noon: Chef Mario De Sandy Diaz from Pima Community College Summer Gazpacho
Friday @ 1 pm: Craig Nassar of Practical Chef – Summer Coolers

Friday @ 2 pm Chef Odell Baskerville The Hilton El Conquistador Country Club Summer Tostadas

Friday @ 3 pm, Chef Jan Osipowicz Hilton El Conquistador will prepare Trout & Quinoa Salad

Friday @ 4 pm Chef Darryl Wong of The Lotus Garden – ‘Wok & Roll Stir Fry’

Friday @ 4:30 Chef David Matias – Teresa’s Mosaic Café – Soft Tacos for the Summer

Saturday @ 11am Chef Barry Infuso ‘The Dean of Cuisine’- Pima Community College –Summer Smoothies & Other Delights

Saturday @ Noon Joey Green

Saturday @ 1: Ice Sculptor and Chef Tom Gerlak from ice T Ice Art Inc. will play it cool as he tackles a three hundred pound block of ice.

Saturday @ 2 pm Joey Green

Saturday @ 3 pm, The Pastry Chefs from Cakes for Causes – Icing a Cake as Easy as Pie + Cupcake Creations

Saturday @ 4 pm, Chef John Wirtis of the of the Community Food Bank – Hot Summer Delights to Keep You Cool in the Kitchen

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