the bakers

Interested in Baking?

To get involved with Cakes for Causes, please contact us!
We would love to have you!

Click Here to learn more about Pima County food certification (which allows you to bake in a non-commercial kitchen in Arizona).

Want to bake something yummy? Visit our Recipes page for some delicious treats!

Meet our Bakers


Bonnie Adams  
Elizabeth Armijo  
Jess Bemiss  
Tamara Bemiss  
Jennifer Bertrand  
Ginger Buck  
Gina Burns  
Mia D’Valentino  
Shirlianna Dalecke  
Gina Doty  
Ruth Estrada  
Rebecca Glandon  
Christine Howlett  
Isela Howlett  
Michelle May  
Amanda Maus  
Jeanne Treder  
Rene Luedeman  
Linda Mattern  
Charlene P. McConnell  
Kassidy Nicholson  
Christy Palmer  
Kristy Phillips  
Lisette Ramos-Ferguson  
Cece Ruiz  
Vera Trigloff  
Michele Trumpinksi  
 Sophia Wright  
Baker’s Assistant:  Sherry Cross  

We love and are so thankful for each and every one of our bakers! If you are interested in baking for us, please contact us!